Eadie Bloom | Myles Gray

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Created in honour of the babies born sleeping and those who have miscarried and lost their children. Myles Gray has a wish for this candle, to bring light into the darkness and allow you to grieve, laugh and cry. But most of all heal and be able to talk about your beautiful children.

 Infused with Sunstone, this candle will align your energy with the energy of the sun, bringing a bright and positive aura to align your mind, body and spirit with its highest vibration. Eadie Bloom is here to remind you that life is meant for living and enjoying, whilst cherishing the purest of memories of your children within your heart. 

The fresh rich floral fragrance will remind you that rushing through life or merely "getting by" makes it harder to find fulfilment and happiness. Sunstone teaches us to treat every day as a chance to live our most authentic life. Slow down a little so you can savour the good times and hold onto those happy moments in the tougher times. 

The Notes:

Base: Patchouli, Musk, Caramel, Amber

Middle: Neroli, Freesia, Rose, Jasmine

Top: Orchid, Bergamot, Olive leaf


The Affirmations:

"I give myself time to grieve and heal and love, this doesn't need to be in seperate moments"

"I will talk about you"

"Your name will never be forgotten"

"You are loved"

"Healing doesn't mean forgetting"

"You have changed my life"


The Details:

65 hour burn time

Hand poured in Melbourne

Stop burning when 1 cm of wax left

Crystals will drop beneath the wax and be visible on the next burn

Affirmations will provide stronger energy