Ways We Have Included Whittaker Within Our Home

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We have found it helpful to feel Whittaker's presence by including her in many ways all around us. And it is so special to receive something thoughtful and personalised, in her memory. Here are a few things we have, dedicated to Whittaker:

 1. Memory Boxes

We have two memory boxes, the large one we have sits on our dedicated shrine for Whittaker in our lounge room. It is a personalised wooden memory box to keep Whittaker's memento's from hospital and anything special she has been given. We also place her ashes in here every morning, next to one of her teddies. We added her birth details on the top and a little quote on the inside of the lid. The other small memory box we have sits on my bedside table with the first wrap we used around Whittaker and a special teddy of hers placed inside. We bring Whittaker's ashes to bed and this is where she lays every night. If we're ever away from home for the night, we bring Whittaker's ashes with us and use this small memory box to hold her ashes. 



2. Personalised Candles

We’ve been gifted a beautiful personalised candle and I’ve supported another loss mama and her lovely business by purchasing a few of her personalised candles. When I want to feel connected to Whittaker, I like to put her playlist on and light one of her special candles. We wanted to stock our own range of purposeful candles so we also have a small selection from Myles Gray.



Myles Gray Candles

3. Personalised Art

For Father's Day I had a special photo of Ryan holding Whittaker made into a lined art piece. Ryan then gifted me a print of Whittaker and I, for Mother's Day. They both sit proudly on our bedside tables.




4. Prints

We stock a range of beautiful prints from The Name Nest. Many of them I have been gifted and they have all resonated so beautifully with me. 

The Name Nest Prints


5. Jewellery

I've been given some precious pieces of Jewellery from loved ones and I have purchased some special pieces myself. Whittaker's initials, a special icon-a palm tree and wings, the moon phase of her birthdate, there are many ways I've been able to incorporate Whittaker into the jewellery I wear.





Although these keepsakes don't make our loss any easier, I find being surrounded by these special memento's in Whittaker's memory has helped us to express our deep connection to her and has allowed us to bring her in to our home in the only way we can. It has also been a beautiful way for our loved ones to create that connection with her in their own way too and to bring us comfort.

How ever you choose to connect with your baby is always the right way for you.


Sending you big hugs,

Whittaker's Mama


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